Welcome to Israel Manor Inc., 
"We serve ... so others may prosper!"​
Board of Directors:

Board Officers
Tondalaya Reed - Chair, Board of Directors
Rev., Dr. Morris L. Shearin - President & CEO
Rev. Dr. Terry J. Saulsberry - Vice-Chair, 
Board of Directors
E. LaVerne Randall-McAllister - Secretary
Geraldine A. Feaster-Bethea - Treasurer
Dorothy Drakeford-McKelvin - Assistant Treasurer
Board Members
Tamara Davis
Rev. Dr. Carolyn Graham
Janice Hale
Veronica Harrison
Dr. Jacqueline McMorris
Christine Wheeler
Matthew E. Phillips,  Executive Director
Contact Us:
Israel Manor Inc.
1251 Saratoga Ave., N.E.
Washington, DC  20018
(202) 795-9070
A 501(c)3 Organization
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"We serve ... So others may prosper."
Israel Manor Inc.

Who We Are

Located at Israel Baptist Church in NE Washington, DC, Israel Manor Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 faith-based organization, established in 1996 to expand the mission of Israel Baptist Church. In partnership with public and private agencies, IMI sponsors various programs serving D.C. residents of all ages. From early childhood education & development to adult entrepreneurship training and counseling support, to community development projects, IMI is engaged in a comprehensive array of programs. The programs are designed to facilitate open access to essential training, education, housing, health care, and social services. They are intended to provide community outreach, critical life services, and affordable housing to meet the multiple needs of youth, adults, seniors and families. 

Our History

Israel Manor Inc. was established in 1996 to expand the mission of Israel Baptist Church, a 1,300 member fellowship and pillar of the Brookland/Edgewood/ Brentwood communities in Ward 5 of Washington, DC.  IMI relies heavily on volunteer support, charitable donations, and public and private funding resources to build state-of-the-art community facilities and affordable housing; as well as to deliver progressive life enhancing  programs for the growth and prosperity of the local neighborhoods, Ward 5 and the greater Washington Metropolitan area.

Operation of a Child Development Center, a Conversation Center providing counseling services, a young adult Entrepreneurship training and education program, and the construction of a Community Life Center and affordable housing development are a few of the initiatives undertaken by IMI in the past 21 years.

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about Israel Manor Inc. and its commitment to the faith-based empowerment and prosperity of Washington DC communities.